5 Tips to Successfully Negotiate Your Bills

Today’s article is another killer guest post by Alli over at financiALLI focused. She is recently debt free and is teaching how to negotiate your bills successfully!  Enjoy!  Negotiating your bills can be frustrating and time-consuming. Sometimes it is easier to just leave them alone and not go through the hassle. Trust me I’ve been Read More


6 Unexpected Things You Learn While on a Budget

Since money touches every aspect of your life, you learn a lot about yourself when you start to set some ground rules and tackle your money goals.  It teaches you what’s really important to you and to your family.  Budgeting teaches you what you can live without and how to be frugal.  You learn how Read More


Spontaneous Spending Without Breaking Your Budget

There’s a first time for everything right?!  I am so excited to turn the blog over to Alexis Busetti from over at Cistern and Grove today! She’s breaking down how to handle spontaneous spending and still maintain the budget.  Enjoy! It’s happened to all of us.  The spending plan for the month ahead is all Read More

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Epic Blogging Hacks!

It has been just about a year since I started working on building EPB.  Saying that out loud is bittersweet.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was considering blogging and then at the same time it feels like it has been years.  Blogging has been such a blessing, a challenge and a Read More


Boss Ways to Avoid Debt Consolidation

I feel the same way about debt consolidation as I feel about payday loan companies… ew!  Debt consolidation is a tool that many uses in an attempt to pay off debt quickly.  When advertised, the debt consolidation companies promise smaller monthly payments, quicker debt pay-off and even loan forgiveness in some cases.  As a former Read More


How to Achieve your WILD Money Goals!

Whether you’re starting your emergency fund, paying off debt or saving for retirement or a house there is no doubt that achieving your money goals can be tedious.  While it is crazy satisfying to see that debt balance fall or your savings increase, the sacrifice and hard work can be a bit wearing.  It might Read More


Budgeting with a Variable Income

Depending on how you manage it, money can be a great blessing or a great curse.  We’ve been on both sides of that equation where money was working against us or like now, it is definitely working for us.  It seems like some folks hear budgeting and they get super nervous, add to that the Read More


Marriage and Finances – Why Working together is Critical

Heads up! This post may contain links to third-party sites and/or affiliate links.  Please see my terms and conditions and privacy policy for details. This is a fun one for me… I’ve wanted my hubs to weigh in on this whole debt free/personal finance passion I’ve developed. When he told me he had finished a piece for me to share with Read More

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5 Surprising Things We’ve Learned Since Becoming Debt Free

Heads up! This post may contain links to third-party sites and/or affiliate links.  Please see my terms and conditions and privacy policy for details. I blinked and the month of August went by.  It’s been a whirlwind for a lot of reasons but mostly because this little thing called Eat Pray Budget has been a blast!  I’ve had the great pleasure Read More

Happy Birthday

Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Celebrations on the Cheap!

I love August!  The hubs and I both celebrate our birthdays and our anniversary is in August too.  In fact, today is Dallas’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Babe!  With so much to celebrate, we could face some serious budget-busting moments. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard.  I LOVE buying stuff for my hubs.  Read More