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Epic Blogging Hacks!

It has been just about a year since I started working on building EPB.  Saying that out loud is bittersweet.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was considering blogging and then at the same time it feels like it has been years.  Blogging has been such a blessing, a challenge and a Read More


Boss Ways to Avoid Debt Consolidation

I feel the same way about debt consolidation as I feel about payday loan companies… ew!  Debt consolidation is a tool that many uses in an attempt to pay off debt quickly.  When advertised, the debt consolidation companies promise smaller monthly payments, quicker debt pay-off and even loan forgiveness in some cases.  As a former Read More


Marriage and Finances – Why Working together is Critical

Heads up! This post may contain links to third-party sites and/or affiliate links.  Please see my terms and conditions and privacy policy for details. This is a fun one for me… I’ve wanted my hubs to weigh in on this whole debt free/personal finance passion I’ve developed. When he told me he had finished a piece for me to share with Read More