6 Tips to Build Your Emergency Fund Fast

One of the best ways to get your finances in order is to get an emergency fund in place.  With an emergency fund, you no longer have to rely on your credit card or overdraft protection to cover those unexpected expenses.  And when you work your tail off to build your emergency fund, you’ll be Read More


10 Incredible Books for your 2018 Reading List!

Goal setting is big this time of year.  I talked about my goal setting process last week… click the link below if you missed it and need some help setting goals.  As I’ve been brainstorming goals for 2018, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to set a goal to increase my reading next year.  I’ll Read More


2018 EPIC Goal Setting Guide!!

New Year’s resolutions are lame!  I’ve gotta be honest, I am not a fan of resolutions because they are typically unrealistic and unattainable.  Folks are setting themselves up for failure on the onset.  I’ll tell ya one thing though, I love this time of year for so many reasons and one of those is planning Read More