2018 EPIC Goal Setting Guide!!

New Year’s resolutions are lame!  I’ve gotta be honest, I am not a fan of resolutions because they are typically unrealistic and unattainable.  Folks are setting themselves up for failure on the onset.  I’ll tell ya one thing though, I love this time of year for so many reasons and one of those is planning Read More


How to Declutter & Sell Items Around Your Home for Cash!

I’ve talked about selling stuff around the house a lot lately because we’ve been really pairing down our stuff.  Dallas and I are not minimalists by any stretch of the imagination but let me tell ya, clearing some stuff out has been incredible!  Our home feels lighter, more organized and a whole lot cleaner.  Dallas Read More


Hit a Home Run with your Finances!

Today’s article is an excellent guest post by Roland Gardiner.  Roland and his wife are debt free and are currently working on their six-month emergency fund.  After paying off $60k in three years, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to managing personal finances.  Roland nails it with this article which will give you Read More


How to Brighten Your Budget & Climb out of Financial Darkness

One of the most rewarding parts of Eat Pray Budget has been the people I’ve met. I’ve had the great pleasure of learning from some incredible folks and Sami Womack from A Sunny Side Up Life is one of them. I adore Sami, not just because of her awesome name 😉 but because of her Read More


Knockout your student loans for good!

The student loan debt crisis is real and it is getting worse every day.  I’m grateful that we paid off the last of my student loans in July but after paying off over $80,000 in student loan debt, I truly feel for those still working on paying for theirs.  My inbox has been flooded recently Read More


How to Achieve your WILD Money Goals!

Whether you’re starting your emergency fund, paying off debt or saving for retirement or a house there is no doubt that achieving your money goals can be tedious.  While it is crazy satisfying to see that debt balance fall or your savings increase, the sacrifice and hard work can be a bit wearing.  It might Read More


Marriage and Finances – Why Working together is Critical

Heads up! This post may contain links to third-party sites and/or affiliate links.  Please see my terms and conditions and privacy policy for details. This is a fun one for me… I’ve wanted my hubs to weigh in on this whole debt free/personal finance passion I’ve developed. When he told me he had finished a piece for me to share with Read More