6 Unexpected Things You Learn While on a Budget

Since money touches every aspect of your life, you learn a lot about yourself when you start to set some ground rules and tackle your money goals.  It teaches you what’s really important to you and to your family.  Budgeting teaches you what you can live without and how to be frugal.  You learn how Read More


How to Achieve your WILD Money Goals!

Whether you’re starting your emergency fund, paying off debt or saving for retirement or a house there is no doubt that achieving your money goals can be tedious.  While it is crazy satisfying to see that debt balance fall or your savings increase, the sacrifice and hard work can be a bit wearing.  It might Read More

Happy Birthday

Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Celebrations on the Cheap!

I love August!  The hubs and I both celebrate our birthdays and our anniversary is in August too.  In fact, today is Dallas’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Babe!  With so much to celebrate, we could face some serious budget-busting moments. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard.  I LOVE buying stuff for my hubs.  Read More


5 Reasons to Pay off Debt… FAST!

We are in full countdown mode to our debt free date.  20 days to go and we’ll have our debt behind us.  It’s been a wild ride, with tough decisions and sacrifice.  We’ve learned a lot, and while it hasn’t been the most fun we’ve ever had, it has been well worth it.  Now that Read More


7 Tips to not burst your Budget on the Fourth of July

I seriously love the Fourth of July.  It’s such a fun summer holiday that is sure to bring good memories of family fun and some good grub.  That’s a win, win in my opinion!  The Fourth of July can also be a real budget buster.  It seems like every year there are ample opportunities to Read More


5 Myths about Paying off Debt

We’re in the homestretch of paying off the remainder of our debt, and I’ve been getting some questions about how we’ve done it.  I’ve talked about budgeting here and our debt snowball here. Those two posts will give you a good idea of how we’ve gotten to this point.  If you haven’t started your journey Read More


Balancing Our Life

Happy Money Monday! By now you’ve learned that I’m a nerd for personal finances.  We’ve been able to turn our finances around and are so grateful for what we’ve learned and accomplished.  That said, there have been times where we (and by we, I mean me) may have focused too much on money.  The journey Read More


Keep calm while paying off debt…

Paying off debt with crazy intensity can be, well, challenging to say the least.  We’ve been given our fair share of looks and lectures by friends and family who think we’re close to losing our minds.  After all, working toward debt freedom, financial freedom really, is something not everyone understands.  Our journey so far has Read More

Broken Chain

Breaking the Chains of Debt – Our Debt Free Journey

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our debt free journey lately.  The more we talk about it, the more folks seem to want to learn more.  I feel like I’m bearing my soul but here goes! A little over a year in and we’ve had some amazing results but they haven’t been without Read More


7 Tips for a Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate, Valentine’s Day is nearly here.  The unrealistic romantic in me LOVES Valentine’s Day.  The flowers, dressing up, going to dinner, all of it!  I wouldn’t even mind a weekend getaway, but who wouldn’t?!  After a few seconds of day dreaming, the brakes squeal in my head, and I hear Mr. Biker Read More