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The gift giving season is among us and I genuinely love it!  Gift giving is so fun for me.  So much fun that on the rare occasion that Dallas and I actually exchange gifts, I never want to wait until the actual holiday to give it.  As we continue on our journey of being more intentional with our money and spend wisely this holiday season, it’s more important now than ever to plan well for this gift-giving season.   I compiled a list of some of my favorite products that are functional, educational, fun and are something your loved one is sure to love!!

For the money conscious person on your list!

Before I start down this road, do not give these items as a way to shove your new financial lifestyle down someone’s throat.  These should not be a not-so-subtle hint to your broke family member.  Give these with love to someone who may have expressed an interest.  These should be a blessing and not be offensive.  Okay, with that said, here is a great list of money items!

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The Money Code and How to Crack It! Of course, my new book is the first on the list!  I was honored to co-author a book this year and am so excited that it’s on pre-order this holiday season.  Click here to pre-order your copy for only $2.99 and it will be delivered to your device on January 1stWhat a great way to start out your year!

Your Sunny Money Method This incredible course by my friend Sami (yes we have the same name! J) from A Sunny Side Up Life is a great gift for someone looking to learn how to budget.  Her course is very well laid out, is easy to follow and is great for beginners and longtime budgeters alike.  Click here to grab this course for your loved one for 15% off!

 Reusable Cash Envelope System These are adorable, functional and reusable!  Win, win! These are handmade by my friend Alejandra and they’re sure to be a hit to anyone you gift these to!  Snag these for only $9.65 or click here to grab them with a 25% discount!

Health, Wealth and Time in a Grocery Bag by Sheryl Rothert.  This book is on my wishlist!!  I keep hinting to Dallas, maybe this article will help?! 🙂 From the day I stumble upon this read, I’ve wanted this book!  Sheryl teaches you how to eat well and save money in the process.  Who says eating healthy has to be expensive?!  Snag your Kindle copy or hard copy here

Total Money Makeover By Dave Ramsey.  The information in this book is what turned our financial life around and ignited a passion I didn’t know existed.  We followed the plan in this book to pay off our $195k in debt in 18 months.  I stand by this book 100% and know it can change lives.  Dave’s methods are tried and true and this book will help your loved one change their financial future.  Buy this for someone on your gift list and give one to yourself too.  You’ll thank me later! Click here or the image below to give this priceless knowledge!  

For the woman in your life!

These are products I personally love so if I do, your lady might too! 

Riveter Handbag I loved this company when I first saw them on Shark Tank. They are woman-owned and employ military spouses. The drive and passion the founders have for empowering women makes this company an easy one for me to stand behind.  I ordered my first products in August and have LOVED them!  Not a few weeks later, I was contacted with an opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for them.  I have loved every interaction I’ve had with the ladies at R. Riveter as well as my fellow Brand Ambassadors.  Their products are high quality (sure to last a very long time), American handmade and absolutely beautiful.  Below are a few of my favorites or click here to shop on their site!  Be sure to use my discount code RRSAMIH at check to get 15% off your order!

Brigitte Brianna 24/7 Dress by Sexy Modest Boutique This dress is a must for any lady on the go.  I’ve shopped a few items on Sexy Modest Boutique and this one is my favorites!  It’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.  Click here to grab one for the lady in your life.

Simplified Planner by Emily Ley I purchased one of these beauties for the upcoming year and am so excited to start using it!  If the lady in your life is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and/or working full time, this will be a gift that keeps on giving!  Organization year round, YASSS!!! These planners have monthly, daily and hourly schedules as well as a section to help meal plan.  Plus they are gorgeous.  Click here to shop or click the image below.

Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters In preparation for the coming year I snagged these as well thanks to a few friends who introduced me to them.  I CANNOT WAIT to put these to use.  These Powersheets will help set goals for the coming year.  They are beautifully laid designed, well thought out and very conducive to help your lady set and achieve her goals.  Another gift that will keep on giving!  She will seriously thank you all year for these! Click here the image below to buy a set for your lady! 

For the man in your life!

Enso Rings We saw these on Shark Tank too and Dallas has wanted one since!  They are ridiculously affordable, stylish and a whole lot safer than your typical wedding band.  Dallas actually had a life-altering crushing hand injury 10+ years ago.  Thankfully he wasn’t wearing a ring at the time or his injury would have been much worse.  This ring is comfortable and easily breaks if necessary.  Great gift for the man in your life that works a lot with his hands. Buy one from your guy here

Beard Trimming Kit by Rapid Beard The beard craze is real folks and this is an epic gift for the bearded dude in your life!  It’s a complete kit that will help him groom those facial locks and look his best!  Click here or the picture below. 

Grill Daddy Pro Steam Brush My man loves grilling and could use this bad boy to help him clean the grill!  And it’s under $25!  We’re all about getting each other gifts that can help improve an experience and if this helps him clean the grill faster, it’s a win! Buy on here

The Man Can I just love the name of this!! If this isn’t a gift for a dude, I don’t know what it. This gift set has all the fixins to keep your man clean and pampered and the catchy name is a win!  Check it out here or the picture below.

I hope this list is helpful for your holiday shopping.  Don’t forget when shopping for others, get them something they’ll actually use or enjoy.  You’re not buying something you would want, you’re buying something they would want or need.  Be a blessing and have fun with it! Be sure to stick to that budget unapologetically and be proud of what you give! 

Until next time, spend safely!

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