Boss Ways to Avoid Debt Consolidation

I feel the same way about debt consolidation as I feel about payday loan companies… ew!  Debt consolidation is a tool that many uses in an attempt to pay off debt quickly.  When advertised, the debt consolidation companies promise smaller monthly payments, quicker debt pay-off and even loan forgiveness in some cases.  As a former Read More


How to Achieve your WILD Money Goals!

Whether you’re starting your emergency fund, paying off debt or saving for retirement or a house there is no doubt that achieving your money goals can be tedious.  While it is crazy satisfying to see that debt balance fall or your savings increase, the sacrifice and hard work can be a bit wearing.  It might Read More


Budgeting with a Variable Income

Depending on how you manage it, money can be a great blessing or a great curse.  We’ve been on both sides of that equation where money was working against us or like now, it is definitely working for us.  It seems like some folks hear budgeting and they get super nervous, add to that the Read More


Marriage and Finances – Why Working together is Critical

Heads up! This post may contain links to third-party sites and/or affiliate links.  Please see my terms and conditions and privacy policy for details. This is a fun one for me… I’ve wanted my hubs to weigh in on this whole debt free/personal finance passion I’ve developed. When he told me he had finished a piece for me to share with Read More