The First Step to Financial Freedom

Last week I encouraged folks on Instagram to ask me any question.  I received some comments and messages asking how to get started with paying off debt.  Now, I wish I could sit down with each of those people and over coffee give them the encouragement they need.  I can’t afford to have coffee with Read More


5 Myths about Paying off Debt

We’re in the homestretch of paying off the remainder of our debt, and I’ve been getting some questions about how we’ve done it.  I’ve talked about budgeting here and our debt snowball here. Those two posts will give you a good idea of how we’ve gotten to this point.  If you haven’t started your journey Read More


The Gift of Giving

Happy Money Monday!  I said last week that I would recap our epic trip here on the blog.  To be honest, recapping a 6,500 cross country motorcycle trip in one blog post is next to impossible.  I feel like I have about 3,000 little stories that make up the entire trip.  Instead of recapping the Read More


Our Goals, Post Debt!

Happy Money Monday! We are back from our epic trip and are ready to kick our remaining debt in the teeth!!! I’ll post a recap of our adventure next week, but I thought I’d share our post debt goals. To be honest, a few months ago it hit me that we’ll have to shift our Read More