Types of Insurance Policies

Oh my goodness, not much can get more boring than insurance! It can also be ridiculously confusing, but it is so very important.  Understanding the types of insurance policies, you should carry is one of those things in your adult life that must be done.  It’s kinda like those obligatory company Christmas parties, nobody likes Read More


Forgettable Budget Items

Full disclosure, I messed up our May budget by forgetting an important bill. Thank goodness for an emergency fund to bail me out. We’ve been doing this zero-based budget thing for a year and a half now, and I still make mistakes.  I’m not sure it’s something that can be perfected, but it can always Read More


Balancing Our Life

Happy Money Monday! By now you’ve learned that I’m a nerd for personal finances.  We’ve been able to turn our finances around and are so grateful for what we’ve learned and accomplished.  That said, there have been times where we (and by we, I mean me) may have focused too much on money.  The journey Read More


7 Tips for a Budget Friendly Vacation

Last week I talked about budgeting for a vacation.  Mr. Biker and I are headed out this week on a three-week motorcycle trip across the U.S. We’re so excited and humbled at the opportunity to be able to take this trip, but it has come with A LOT of planning and preparation.  We’ve taken some Read More


Budgeting for a Vacation

Happy May and Happy Money Monday!! I am so excited for May for so many reasons… We’re headed out on our cross-country motorcycle trip that I talked about here.  We’ll also resume our debt snowball this month after building a sinking fund for our trip.  Other than our minimum monthly payment, we haven’t paid off Read More