Budgeting 101

I feel like I spend a good part of my life budgeting.  Not only do I complete all of the budgeting at work but I also do the majority of it here at home too.  Dirty little secret, I enjoy it! Another dirty little secret, I haven’t always loved it and I haven’t always been Read More


Peace with a Budget

Oh, budgeting… It can be the best of times; it can be the worst of times! I’m a big nerd, so I enjoy it, Mr. Biker on the other hand?  I have about a 20-minute window to talk budget with him before I lose him.  I guess opposites do attract. The message in church today Read More


Thank goodness for the Emergency Fund

Have you ever had just a terrible week?  The kind of week where nothing seems to be going right and just gets worse and worse as time seemingly drags on for years in a matter of minutes?  We just had one of those… Last week, Mr. Biker and I had to put down our sweet Read More


Hope for a Debt Free Life

So… you’re reading a budget blog, welcome to my nerddom!  Yes, I just made up a word, feel free to use it at your leisure, you’re welcome.  Anyway… I am certainly a nerd.  An accountant by day, personal finance blogger by night.  But here’s the deal folks, my education is in accounting and finance, I Read More